World Class Diagnostic Services

Aruna scan & diagnostics offers world class diagnostic services by making use of latest,advanced technology developments and equipments. We at Aruna scan and diagnostics aim to offer accurate diagnostic services to individuals and strive consistently to reach our goal i.e. “every life deserves accurate world class diagnostics services”. We offer different diagnostic services in Hyderabad to support your health like Scanning (Imaging), Radiology and Pathology services along with several health packages. We make use of world standard equipments and provide scanning and other facilities to provide you with detailed and timely results which also help in getting accurate treatment.

Aruna scan and diagnostics offer wide range of radiology services like high field 1.5 Tesla MRI / MRA scanning, 16 slice CT scanner/ CTA, high end ultra sound machine, color Doppler, 2D Echo, TMT (tread mill test), digital X-Ray, digital mammography, digital OPG & cephalogram, ECG, EEG and PFT. These radiology services are provided under supervision of professional and highly qualified radiologists to offer highest quality care and accurate results which helps you in better diagnosis. We also focus on safety and security of individuals and provide you with different radiology services keeping your safety in mind.

Diagnostic Services

We also offer several pathological investigations like Clinical biochemistry, Hematology, Serology, Microbiology, Histopathology and Immunology. These pathological services are offered by specialised and skilled technologists using automated technologies to eliminate human errors. These pathological services help you in detecting cause, origin and nature of disease and helps in improving your health by early detection.

Along with different radiology and pathology services, Aruna scan and diagnostics offer several health packages like Master health check up, Executive health check up, Cardiac health check up, Well women check up, Cancer screening check up for male and female, Whole body check up and Advanced whole body check up. These health packages plays a very crucial role in safe guarding your health, they help you to know about your health condition and also help to detect several health illnesses in early stages before experiencing any symptoms. This early detection of diseases is very crucial, as several severe diseases can be cured when detected in early stages. Health check up’s also helps individuals to eliminate the risk of few diseases by warning you about your risks.

We at Aruna scan and diagnostic centre offer world class diagnostic services in Secunderabad at affordable prices to reach each and every individual needs and requirements. We blend both advanced technology developments and well qualified expert technical staff to provide you high quality and world standard services. We understand the importance of timely reports in treatments and strive to provide you quick and accurate reports. We also offer service called online reports where individuals can collect their reports through online. We send reports to the given individuals Email ID and this saves your time and efforts. Aruna scan and diagnostics offer several diagnostic services in A S Rao Nagar and helps to improve your health and well being by providing different health packages along with diagnostic services. Our well experienced faculty and staff makes you feel comfortable by providing you personal care and assistance in each and every procedure.

World Class Diagnostic Services at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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