Women’s Day Special Offers in Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

International women’s day is mainly celebrated as appreciation, respect and love toward’ s women achievements. In remembrance of women’s day and to celebrate womanhood, Aruna scan and diagnostic offers special women health checkup packages for today’s multi-faceted women. Today’s women who are working full time taking care of their house, bringing up their family as well as achieving their goals, suffer from few health problems and also falls prey to some chronic diseases. Therefore, on this occasion of women’s day, we at Aruna diagnostics offering special preventive women health checkup’s in A S Rao Nagar to improve their wellbeing by notifying them about their health condition.

Women’s Day Special Offers in Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

We at Aruna diagnostics offer wide range of health checkups specially designed for women. These specially designed women health checkup packages in Secunderabad include different tests like CBP, complete urine examination, pap smear, thyroid stimulating hormone, electro cardiogram, calcium test, random sugar test, ultra sound scan of abdomen and pelvis, mammography and so on along with physician consultation. We believe in empowering women, as they play crucial role in building healthy society. Avail our women’s day special offers provided at very special and affordable prices and improve your health status.

“Women’s Day Special Health Package Offer”

Package-I Package-II
* Complete Blood Picture with platelet count * Complete Blood Picture with platelet count
* Complete Urine Examination * Complete Urine Examination
* Pap Smear * Pap Smear
* Thyroid Stimulating Hormone * Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
* Electro Cardio Gram * Electro Cardio Gram
* Calcium * Calcium
* Random Blood Sugar * Random Blood Sugar
* Ultra Sound Abdomen & Pelvis * Ultra Sound Abdomen & Pelvis
* Physician Consultation * Sono Mamography
* Physician Consultation
Actual Price: 2,300/- Actual Price: 4,300/-
Now Only: 1,500/- Now Only: 2,500/-
Women’s Day Special Offers in Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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