As we all know, MRI is an imaging technique that uses a high-strength magnet and radio waves to scan the body. MRI produces clear images of organs and structures inside your body. Cardiac MRI especially helps create detailed pictures of the heart and displays how it is working. Aruna Diagnostics offers the best Cardiac MRI in Hyderabad using advanced technology like IN-BORE MRI.

About Cardiac MRI

Though MRI can be performed on several parts of the body, a Cardiac MRI aims explicitly at the heart. Doctors use Cardiac MRI to check the heart’s anatomy, pericardium, and nearby blood vessels.

MRI is a tunnel-like machine with a table attached in the center. This table will slide inside the machine during the scanning process. Patients should lie on the table during the scanning procedure.   

MRI scan is safe as it does not use any ionizing radiation during the imaging process. MRI is beneficial for patients with complex congenital heart diseases and needs multiple scans over time. Cardiac MRI provides clear information about the severity of a particular heart condition. It further evaluates how the patient is likely to perform in the future.

Why is a Cardiac MRI done?

Cardiac MRI is one of the best ways to diagnose heart problems and assist doctors in treatment planning. Doctors recommend Cardiac MRI if they suspect you are at risk of heart failure or other heart problems. 

  • Detects Congenital Heart defects
  • Assess the effects of Coronary Heart Disease, including limited blood flow to the heart muscle and scarring within the heart muscle after a heart attack.
  • Heart Failure
  • Evaluates damages from a Heart attack
  • Heart Valve defects
  • Atherosclerosis (Clogging of the arteries)
  • Cardiomyopathy (thick and weakened heart muscles)
  • Pericarditis
  • Cardiac tumor
  • Helps in planning treatment for Cardiovascular disorders
  • Monitors progression of heart disorders over time

As MRI uses strong magnets, one should ensure that they do not have metallic items on them. Let the doctor or technician know if you have any metallic implants. The strong magnets may move or misplace the metal implants inside the body. 

Best Cardiac MRI in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics is proud to be the first one to provide IN-BORE MRI technology in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This IN-BORE technology comes with a patient-friendly MRI, eliminating claustrophobia in patients. This technology keeps the patients calm and relaxed and provides outstanding quality images. Along with Radiology services like MRI, Adx also offers the best pathological investigations and several Health Checkup packages. For the convenience of the patients, Adx also introduced Home Sample Collection and Online reports facilities.   

Reach out to your nearest Aruna Diagnostics branches to get the best Cardiac MRI in Hyderabad. We are located in Ameerpet, A S Rao Nagar, and Kukatpally to reach out and serve more people.  

Why Is A Cardiac MRI Done?

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