Doctors suggest an Ultrasound to detect abnormalities with various organs, vessels, and tissues inside our body. Compared to other imaging techniques like MRI ScanCT Scan, and others, an Ultrasound Scan is safe, effective, and most preferred by doctors. Aruna Diagnostics offers the best Ultrasound Scan services in Hyderabad.

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Types of Ultrasound Scan 

Ultrasound Scans, classified into 3 types depending on the usage of the probe.

  1. External Ultrasound Scan-During the process, technician rubs a probe on the skin gently to capture clear images. During the test, the staff applies a lubricating gel on the skin and this allows the probe to move smoothly on the skin and prevents air pockets that can block the sound waves during the process. An abdominal Ultrasound scan is one of the best examples of an External Ultrasound.
  2. Internal Ultrasound Scan– during this process, the probe is inserted inside the body to capture internal organs images. The probe is inserted inside rectum or vagina to evaluate the nearby tissues like the uterus, ovaries, and rectum during the process. Transrectal and Transvaginal are a few examples of Internal Ultrasound.   
  3. Endoscopic Ultrasound Scan– In this type, the probe is attached to a long, thin, and flexible tube called an endoscope. This endoscope tube is carefully guided down your throat by the provider. Endoscopic Ultrasound and Transesophageal echocardiogram are the best examples of this type. The probe shows abdominal organs like the liver along with pictures of the shows digestive heart and its nearby blood vessels.  

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Preparing for an Ultrasound

Before going for an Ultrasound, you may need to prepare yourself a bit to get quality images. Your doctor or provider will give you a few instructions before your test like

  • Drink several glasses of water before your scan and maintain a full bladder. 
  • Avoid using the bathroom and keep your bladder full till the scan is completed.
  • If you are taking a scan of your abdomen, you should not eat or drink anything several hours before your scan. This is mainly because undigested food blocks the sound waves and interrupts images. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove or partially remove during an Ultrasound. This is because, in very few cases, one may need to wear a gown during the scan process. 
  • In a few cases, a harmless substance called a contrast agent is given before the scan, which helps to get clear images.

Preparation for this type of scan varies depending on the part of the body that is being scanned.   

Ultrasound Scan at Aruna Diagnostics

Get the best Ultrasound Scan in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostic centre. Adx is well equipped and backed with expertise in Radiologists, Pathologists, and other staff. The staff at Aruna Diagnostics guides you well during your testing process and clarifies all your doubts. To get the best Diagnostic services in Hyderabad, visit your nearest Aruna Diagnostic branches located in Kukatpally, A S Rao Nagar, and Ameerpet.   

Ultrasound Scan types and How to prepare for it?

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