Aruna Diagnostics provides comprehensive & reliable service in Gynecological & obstetric and scanning. Our sonographers are well qualified & regularly attend up-to-date courses and conferences.

At Aruna Diagnostics we have continued to invest in the best technology to ensure all our patients are offered best Ultrasound Diagnostic Services in all areas of pregnancy scanning, subsuming: 3D & 4D scans, Obstetric scans, Ultrasound scans, and Fetal scans. Our highly-trained team keeps abreast of all latest techniques & applications and is widely regarded as some of the best in ultrasound profession.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is acoustic energy in form of waves having frequency over human hearing range. The maximum frequency that human ear detect is about 20 thousand cycles for each second (20,000 Hz). This is where sonic range ends, & where ultrasonic range starts. Ultrasound is used in electronic, industrial, navigational & security applications. It is utilized in medicine to view internal organs of body. Ultrasound Scan in Hyderabad is used to locate objects via similar to the principle by which radar works. Ultrasound in sonar systems are used to determine the depth of water in a location, to locate submarines, and to find schools of fish, and to notice the SCUBA divers.

Ultrasound Scanning at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics

What does an ultrasound scan involve?

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan is a painless test that makes use of sound waves to create organs image and structures inside body. It is a commonly used test. As it uses sound waves & not radiation, it is very safe. Doppler & duplex scans are used to visualize blood or fluids flowing via the body.

Ultrasound scans works by:

Picking mild, background radioactivity your baby’s body emits to create image
Sending light waves via your belly, illuminating your baby’s parts body to create image
Sending sound waves via belly which bounce off baby to create image

What is an ultrasound test used for?

The following are the areas where ultrasound test used:


Ultrasound in obstetrics/gynecology used to diagnose growths or tumors of the uterus, ovary, or, Fallopian tubes.


Echocardiography evaluates the heart, the heart valve’s motion, & blood flow via them. Also, it evaluates heart wall motion & the amount of blood heart pumps with each stroke.

Echocardiography performed in two ways:

Trans-thoracic:  Probe placed on the chest wall to get images, &
Trans-esophageal: Probe placed via the mouth into esophagus.
Anatomically, the esophagus sits near heart & enables clearer images.

Blood vessels

Ultrasound detects blood clots in veins or artery blockage & dilatation

Abdominal Structures

Alongside from its use in obstetrics, ultrasound evaluates most of solid structures in abdominal cavity. This subsumes the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, prostate, bladder, uterus & ovaries.

The neck

Thyroid gland can be viewed using ultrasound seeking growths, nodules or tumors.

Knee joint

Ultrasound scan can be used to notice bulging of fluid from a inflammation knee joint into back of the knee, called as a Baker’s cyst.

High end Ultrasound scan services in Aruna Diagnostics

High end ultrasound scan in Aruna Diagnostics is the best service.  Ultrasound remains the gold standard for all sorts of obstetrical examinations. High resolution TV scanning & follicular monitoring is available. Level-I & Level-II scans for detection of fetal anomalies is done. Foetal echocardiography for anomalies of foetal heart is done.

Ultrasound Scan Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad – Aruna Diagnostics

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