CT Scan is a Radiology imaging technique prescribed to check for a variety of health conditions. The CT Scans are highly advised by doctors to detect abnormalities. Get accurate and best CT Scan services in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics at an affordable price range.

A CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan uses a combination of computerized technology and x-rays to create images of a patient’s organs. This creates cross-sectional pictures of the patients inside the body and detects abnormalities present inside the body. It may be performed on almost all body parts and produces highly detailed representations of structures. It is a painless procedure and does not take long to create images. This best works in emergency cases like accidents to quickly examine people for internal injuries or other trauma.

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Many people wonder why do they need a CT Scan. If you are one among them, here are a few reasons you might need a it.

Reasons why you need a CT Scan 

  • Examining blood vessels- With the help of this, your doctor can have a clear view of your blood vessels. Detailed images produced by this scan shows blood vessel abnormalities like blockages or other issues without performing surgeries or biopsies. 
  • Examine small bones- A CT Scans can give clear images of the small bones in hands and feet. These images assist in examining injuries or fractures in these areas and assist in surgical procedures. A traditional X-Ray may not provide clear images of these small bony areas.    
  • Examine soft tissue damage- It provides clear images of bones and soft tissues around the skeletal structure. CT Scans images offer complete information and assist the doctor in delivering a better recovery plan to the patient.
  • Examine Head and Brain injuries or issues- Head CT Scan provides clear images of the brain. Assist doctor in diagnosing several conditions most importantly like head injuries, stroke, brain tumors, dizziness, and guides the needle for brain biopsy. 
  • Guides through Cancer treatment- CT Scans play a crucial role in diagnosing Cancer and clarifying the tumor’s position. A CT Scans images show to what extent cancer affected the surrounding tissues. If you are receiving radiation treatment, show if tumor is getting smaller.
  • Assist in emergencies like accidents- The CT scans are quick and are more suitable for quick scanning’s. A doctor recommends CT Scans in emergency conditions like accidents to detect internal injuries. 
  • When MRI is not an option- Though, MRI and CT Scan equipment looks similar, both follow completely different processes. MRI’s are not suitable for people who cannot lie down for longer periods or those with metal implants. In situations where an MRI is not suitable, CT Scans comes to the rescue.   

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CT Scan services in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Scan and Diagnostics offers the best CT Scan in Hyderabad for its patients using top-notch technology and equipment. We at Adx aim to provide world-class luxury diagnostic services at an affordable price range. Aruna Diagnostic branches in Hyderabad like Ameerpet, Kukatpally, and A S Rao Nagar are well equipped with advancements in technology. Aruna Diagnostics offers timely and accurate reports to assist patients with early treatment. 

Reasons why you need a CT Scan 

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