Ultrasound (Sonogram) is a procedure that creates live images of the inside body using high-frequency sound waves. An Ultrasound helps diagnose several health conditions and monitor an unborn baby. It further guides a surgeon through invasive procedures. Receive the best Ultrasound Scan in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics. A combination of advanced technologies, expert sonographers, and radiologists at Adx offers the patients the highest quality and luxury care.

Based on the type of Ultrasound Scan patients are getting, the scan provider gives the patients complete instructions before the scan. Following those instructions ensures the most accurate test results.     

Preparing for an Ultrasound Service

Few Ultrasound Scan do not require any preparations. Whereas, for a few other Ultrasound scans, people should follow a few instructions to get clear images. Few patients may be advised include.

  • Patients need to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. Sometimes patients may need to change into a gown for the procedure.
  • Patient should remove jewelry before the scan.
  • In abdominal Ultrasound, patients should stop eating or drinking a few hours before the scan.
  • People should drink a specific amount of water right before the scan. 
  • In the case of Pelvic Ultrasound, patients can eat as usual. Patients must drink plenty of liquids before the scan. Keeping the bladder full is important during the scan, hence patients are informed not to empty their bladder.
  • In the case of Pregnancy or Obstetrical Ultrasound, one needs to keep their bladder full before the scan. Patients can eat all the meals as usual and take medications as usual on the day of the scan. 
  • During the Kidney or Renal Ultrasound Scan, patients can have their meals as usual. Patients should drink more water or juices to keep their bladder full before scanning. 

Studies have shown that Ultrasound Scans are safe compared to CT scan or X-Rays. Ultrasound scans usually take between 30 minutes to an hour based on the type and area of the body scanned. Patients can get back to doing their routines soon after the scan, as it does not involve any discomfort or pain.

Ultrasound Scan at Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics, one of the best Diagnostics in Hyderabad, offers superior Ultrasound scans to its patients using advanced technology. Adx branches are equipped with world-class technology equipment and deliver accurate and timely reports. Get to your nearest Aruna Diagnostics branch in Hyderabad to get a world-class luxury Diagnostic experience. Aruna Scan and Diagnostics staff attend and support patients well during the scans, and Health Checkups make them comfortable.           

Know how to prepare for an Ultrasound Scan

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