The incidence of Heart attacks among youngsters is rising rapidly these days. A sedentary lifestyle is the most significant contributor to heart diseases among young people. Sedentary jobs, high stress, unhealthy diet, and sleeping patterns all trigger the risk of heart problems. One of the best ways to prevent Heart problems is through Cardiac Health Checkup. By going for preventive Health checkups people can control the risk factors in the initial stages.   

Going for Cardiac Health Checkups is essential for people over age 35. This preventive Health checkups helps to detect the risks in their early stages and serves as a wake-up call. 

In the past, Cardiac Health Checkups were suggested only to older people, whereas now, it is not the case. Unfortunately, even the younger generation is falling prey to premature heart attacks and other heart diseases. This is the prime reason why going for Cardiac Health Checkups is necessary.   

About Cardiac Health Checkup  

A Cardiac Health Checkup is a comprehensive package of tests that clues how well your heart is working. Well outlined tests give your doctor a clear insight into your overall heart health and safeguard your heart. 

This Checkup consists of tests like CBP (Complete Blood Picture), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), and Glucose (FBS, PPBS). Few other tests included are Kidney Profile and Lipid Profile like total cholesterol. Imaging tests like X-Ray chest, ECG (Electrocardiogram), TMT (Treadmill test), and 2D Echocardiogram are also part of the Cardiac Health Checkup package. 

Cardiac Health Checkup reduces the complications of heart diseases by showing abnormalities in heart functioning. This package prevents cardiovascular diseases like heart failure, heart attack, aneurysm, and peripheral artery diseases by revealing risks in the early stages.

Importance of Cardiac Health Checkup

As discussed earlier, tests in Cardiac Health Checkup monitor and analyses risk factors of heart diseases. By analyzing the risks like hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, and others, these preventive checkups reduce the occurrence of heart problems. 

High blood pressure is one of the crucial risk factors for heart diseases. Hypertension triggers the risk of heart problems by thickening the heart muscles and harming blood vessels.

Diabetes is another risk factor; it increases the risk of heart problems by 2 to 4 times. High sugar levels damage blood vessels, trigger the building up of fats in the arteries, and causes atherosclerosis.

Being overweight, Obesity, smoking, stress, hereditary, and others also triggers the risk of heart diseases. Few risk factors like smoking, stress, overweight, and Obesity can be controlled when revealed early through preventive checkups.

Why Choose Aruna Diagnostics  

Aruna Diagnostics offers superior Cardiac Health Checkup packages for people at an affordable price range. The professional staff at Aruna Diagnostics guides you well throughout the checkups. Adx offers several other Health Checkup packages like Master Health Checkup, Executive Health Checkup, Whole Body Checkup and many more. Visit your nearest Aruna Diagnostics, avail best Health Checkup package and secure your heart health.  


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