Image Equipment Services at Aruna Scan Diagnostics

Use of image equipment diagnostic services has increased spectacularly in the past decade. Imaging services plays crucial role in diagnosis and treatment. These imaging services help to see inside our body for abnormalities if any. Imaging equipment diagnostic services are very important and are used to examine our whole body and these are very powerful and useful in spotting diseases present in our body. These imaging services helps to let you know about the abnormalities in your body like the exact location, type of problem, size of tumors present if any, and also how the treatment is working. Now a day’s different types of imaging services are available for different requirements. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography) scan, X-Ray, ultrasound, PET (positron emission tomography), mammography and so on. These imaging services help us by providing accurate details and also timely results.

Image Equipment Diagnostic Services At Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

Aruna scan and diagnostic centre is one among the leading scan and diagnostic centres in Hyderabad. Aruna scan and diagnostics offer several image equipment Diagnostic services in Hyderabad. Aruna scan and diagnostics is fully equipped with latest technology imaging services which helps to offer high quality imaging services to the people. We at Aruna scan and diagnostics aim to offer superior quality imaging services as the results of these are very crucial in diagnosing any condition. Aruna scan and diagnostics offers image equipment services in AS Rao Nagar with a team of well qualified and professional radiologists, expert doctors and nursing staff. Image equipment services at Aruna scan and diagnostics are offered using latest technology equipments and Aruna scan and diagnostics also strive to provide accurate and timely results by focussing on the safety and security of the people. Aruna scan and diagnostics strive to provide accurate results and eliminate mistakes by using advanced technology imaging equipments.

Image Equipment Services at Aruna Scan Diagnostics

Aruna scan and diagnostics provide different image equipment diagnostic services for people which are very helpful in diagnosis and treatment like

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) – MRI is an imaging technique which provides detailed images of different organs and almost all the parts inside our body using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. MRI helps to detect abnormalities in different parts of the body like brain, heart, chest, spinal cord, bones, abdomen, arms, legs and others. MRI is one of the safe imaging techniques as it is non invasive and do not use any radiation as other imaging techniques like X-Ray and so on. MRI provides digital images which can be easily stored and transferred to others. MRI works very effectively to detect several conditions like tumors, cysts, swelling, water in brain, herniation of disc, haemorrhage, nerve injuries, infections, arthritis, cartilage problems, torn ligaments, congenital abnormalities and also ENT problems. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) techniques is used to detect abnormalities in brain and spine MRI is used to detect spine problems. MRI for knees helps to know about the different problems in joints and ligaments in the knees.

CT scanner- CT scan (computed tomography scan) is a scanning technique which produces cross sectional images of different parts and organs of the body like liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, chest, belly, pelvis, bladder, pancreas and so on. CT scan is also called as CAT scan (computerized axial tomography scan). It uses computer processed combinations of different X-Ray images of our inside body taken from different angles. CT scan is a specialised X-Ray technique which helps to find out various diseases, abnormalities and injuries very quickly. A CT scan is widely used to find several illnesses like infections, cancers, aneurysm, appendicitis, kidney stones, inflamed lymph nodes, inflammatory bowel disease, urinary tract blockages, liver diseases, pancreatitis and ovarian disorders. CT scan is low at cost when compared to MRI.
Ultra sound scan- ultra sound scan is an imaging technique which uses high frequency sound waves to take live images of different organs and structures in our body. An ultra sound scan is also known as sonography. A type of ultrasound used for heart is called as echocardiogram. There are different types or techniques of ultrasound are available like external ultra sound scan, internal ultrasound scan and endoscopic ultrasound scan. Ultra sound scan is commonly prescribed for conceived women to know about the growth and development of the fetus.

X-Ray- X-Rays are most commonly used technique to capture images of different parts of our body like tissues, bones, organs and other body parts. X-Rays is a form of electromagnetic radiation which uses ionizing radiation to provide images. X-Rays are very helpful to examine fractures, conditions like osteoarthritis and bone cancers. X-Ray is a non invasive procedure and it does not involve any introduction of instruments inside the body. X-Rays are also used to analyse lungs, heart and chest walls. X-Rays are cheap, fast and easy when compared to other imaging techniques and are very helpful in emergency conditions.

Mammography- mammography or mastography is an imaging technique which is mainly used to capture images of breast to detect signs of breast cancer. Mammography is very useful to detect the abnormalities in breast present if any in early stages before they actually show symptoms. Mammography takes images of breast from top and bottom and also from both the sides for clear images. Screening mammography and diagnostic mammography are two different types of mammography. Screening mammography technique is used when women does not have any symptoms where as diagnostic mammography is used when the abnormalities in breast are discovered.

OPG (Orthopantomogram)- OPG is a special type of X-Ray imaging technique which helps to take the images of lower face, teeth, jaw joints and maxillary sinuses. It is a special equipment which rotates around the individuals head to take the images. OPG is very helpful for dentists to examine fractures, dislocated jaw, infections, teeth and so on. It is very helpful in treating dental problems as it provides images of teeth i.e. both upper and lower jaw.

Image Equipment Diagnostic Services at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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