What is Electrocardiogram – ECG?

The process of examining the heart’s electrical activity is called an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG). ECG is beneficial in finding the unexplained cause of heart pain or chest pain, fond the condition of heart walls, abnormal heartbeat, and checking for damages if any. The process of ECG Services in Hyderabad, electrodes on the skin; these electrodes measure heartbeat, circulation of body fluids to heart muscles, and even small changes in a heartbeat. Electrodes on different skin like limbs, chest, hands, and leg.

ECG Testing Services in Hyderabad

The results or electrical activity of the heart prints on paper in the form of lines. The spikes and dips on the paper called waves. The doctors’ results will base on the wavesinterval, segment, and complexity. Radiology Specialists prescribe ECG tests to find out problems with the heart and its functioning.

The process of ECG is safe and painless. The electrodes placed are not harmful; they just read the activity and print them on paper. The electrocardiogram test may take 10 to 20 minutes. The individuals undergoing the examination remove the jewelry and other metal objects from the body. The individuals will ask to lie on the bed without any movements, talking, and breathing normally to get clear, accurate results.

Advanced Heart Checkup Services

These are essential to finding abnormalities in the heart and its functioning. Advanced heart checkup helps to find out the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and stroke in advance. Doctors prescribe this advanced heart checkup to individuals with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and others to know the functioning and condition of heart muscles, chambers, and others. These advanced heart checkup services are design to identify and prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Regular ECG Test helps to find out risk factors and to control them.

ECG Services in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics center is one of the leading diagnostic centers which provide heart checkup packages in Hyderabad. Aruna diagnostics offers complete Health Checkups Packages in Hyderabad to individuals to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and control the triggers. Heart checkup packages in Hyderabad at Aruna diagnostics contain different tests like ECG tests and others designed to detect cardiovascular diseases’ causes and risk factors. Heart checkup packages in Hyderabad at Aruna diagnostics conducted under the supervision of medical professionals to provide accurate results. Aruna medical diagnostics offer complete heart checkups in Hyderabad using advanced technology to eliminate errors, to provide accurate and timely results. Aruna diagnostics offer ECG test at a low price when compared with the cost of ECG in Hyderabad.

ECG Services in Hyderabad

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