Diagnostics Services for All Age Group people

Being the top and renowned diagnostic center in Hyderabad, Aruna scan and diagnostics provide superior world-class diagnostic services to the people of all age groups. With fully furnished modern and latest technology, diagnostic equipment backed up with a strong support from well experienced and qualified technical staff. We at Aruna diagnostics offer several Diagnostic Services in Hyderabad under one roof starting from simple fluid test to high field 1.5 Tesla MRI, 16 slice CT scanner, high-end ultrasound services, and other radiological services along with complete pathological investigations. Well skilled and knowledgeable staff at Aruna diagnostics assists you in each and every step of your procedures and make you feel comfortable.

Diagnostics Services for All Age Group people

Specialized Diagnostic services for all aged people:

Aruna scan and diagnostics offer a wide range of diagnostic services in A S Rao Nagar which are appropriate and suits people of all age groups, starting from infants to elders. All the radiological tests and pathological investigations are performed under the supervision of experts utilizing the latest technology developments to avoid human errors and provide you with most accurate results. Along with the above listed diagnostic services Aruna diagnostics also offer different preventive health packages like master health check-up, executive health check-up, cardiac health check-up, well women check up, cancer screening check-up for male, cancer screening check-up for female, whole body check up and advanced whole body checkup. These health packages are specially designed to meet the requirements of each and every individual keeping in mind the common health conditions. These health packages play a crucial role in providing the overall insight of your health condition and also helps in early treatments by notifying you about the illnesses if any in early stages.

Reports Ontime:

By understanding the importance of quick and accurate results, we strive to provide you the accurate and timely results and we also offer online report service to make it easy for the people to get the results from where they are. One can avoid unnecessary traveling and avail their test reports comfortably online by entering their unique WAC code (Web Access Report Code). Another crucial service provided by Aruna diagnostics is booking an appointment online, you can avoid exhausting waiting time by utilizing this service. We take special care of the hygienic conditions in our diagnostic center and provide you all the services in a safe, healthy and clean environment. Aruna scan and diagnostics also offers consultancy services with expert doctors according to your need and requirement.

Our Salient Features for appointment:

Request call back and Booking An Appointment is another convenient service offered by us, you can receive a call from our staff by just entering your name and phone number. You can also utilize the services of home visits also. This is most helpful for people with disabilities, elders, and others who face difficulties in traveling and reaching us. For the comfort of all such individuals, Aruna scan and diagnostics offer Home visit services where out skilled technicians and staff come to your to collect the samples and also to provide you several other diagnostic services.

Diagnostic Services for All Aged Group People

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