CT Scan Services at Aruna Scan And Diagnostics

What is CT Scan Test?

A process of producing cross sectional and detailed images of our internal structures and organs using X-Rays is called as computed tomography scan (CT scan). CT scan is also referred as computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan). A CR scan can be used to check almost all the parts and organs of the body like liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, chest, belly, pelvis, bladder, pancreas and so on. It can capture internal images of the body from different angles. In few cases contrast material or a dye is used to take clear and detailed images. And sometimes you may also asked to drink dye to get which makes internal organs and structures look clear and detailed on the scan. The person who conduct CT scan is called as radiologist. During the test you will be asked to remove jewellery if you wear any. The process may take approximately 15 to 30 minutes and more in some cases depending on the condition and disease or type of test. CT scan test is a painless procedure and the risk of complications due to scan are also very low.

CT Scan Services at Aruna Scan And Diagnostics

How CT Scan helps to your body

CT scan tests are very useful in detecting abnormalities and dangerous diseases inside our body. It effectively detects any abnormal growth like cysts and tumors inside the body. CT scan tests are widely used to examine different diseases like infections, cancers, aneurysm, appendicitis, kidney stones, inflamed lymph nodes, inflammatory bowel disease, urinary tract blockages, liver diseases, pancreatitis, ovarian disorders and also injuries in different parts of the body like legs, hands and so on. CT scan test is also used to find out to what extent the cancer has spread inside the body, which is called as staging the cancer. CT scan is a non invasive, fastest procedure and painless. CT scan test is very helpful in providing accurate and speed results. CT scans not just help us get required treatment but also helps doctors by providing details of exact location of injuries or abnormalities like tumors and cysts inside our body and assist them in invasive procedures. Before undergoing the test it is very important to discuss with your doctor and radiologist,
If you are allergic to the die or if you are carrying a baby or have any other diseases to avoid further complications.

CT Scan Test at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

Aruna scan and diagnostic centre, which is one of the leading diagnostic centres in Hyderabad provides CT scan test in Hyderabad. CT scan test in Hyderabad A S Rao Nagar at Aruna diagnostics is provided using latest and advanced machinery. We offer CT scan test in A S Rao Nagar by well qualified and experienced professionals. Aruna Diagnostics offer CT scan test in Hyderabad along with several other tests like MRI, X-Ray and so on at very affordable prices. We at Aruna Diagnostics offer CT scan test in Hyderabad A S Rao Nagar and other services and aim to provide timely and accurate results to the people. We provide CT scan test in Hyderabad by keeping in mind the safety and security of individuals. We offer CT scan test in Hyderabad A S Rao Nagar and assist individuals to prevent various diseases and improve their health by early detections of diseases or abnormalities.

CT Scan Test at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics at AS Rao Nagar

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