CT full form is computerized tomography. A CT Scan, also called as a CAT scan, is a specialized X-ray Test. It gives quite clear pictures of organs present inside the body. Especially, it gives good pictures of soft tissues which do not visible on ordinary X-ray pictures. CT scans create 2-dimensional images of a body section; however the data can used to construct 3D CT images.

What is a CT scan?

CT scanner produces a series of narrow beams via human body as it passes through an arc. It is different from an X-ray machine that sends one radiation beam. The CT scan creates detailed final picture when compare to X-ray image. The CT Scan and X-Ray Imaging detector can view hundreds of diverse levels of density. It can view tissues in a solid organ. This information is transmitted to computer, which builds up a 3-D picture of body parts & displays it on the screen. Sometimes, a contrast dye is used to view pictures more clearly.

The speed and accuracy of CT scans can be improved with application of spiral CT, a comparatively new technology. CT Scan in Hyderabad is a significant tool and used by many doctors for assisting diagnosis in medicine, however it is a source of ionizing radiation, & it potentially cause cancer.

CT Brain scan

How does a CT scan work?

CT scan has the ability to scan from head to toe that makes it very versatile. Organs and areas of the body typically scanned. It works very effectively and gives a clear images of organs within the body.

What is difference between a CT and MRI?

The following are the main differences between CT and MRI:

  • CT scan use X-rays, whereas MRI uses radio & magnets waves
  • CT scan is best option for examining cancer, abnormal chest x-rays, pneumonia, bleeding in brain, particularly after an injury.
  • Unlike MRI scan, a CT scan does not demonstrate ligaments and tendons
  • MRI is best option for examining spinal cord
  • Organ tear & organ injury are more quickly visible through CT scan
  • Brain tumors are more clearly visible on MRI scan
  • CT scans provides better image of lungs & organs in chest cavity between lungs
  • Broken bones & vertebrae are clearly visible on CT scan


CT Scan

When is a CT scan used?

CT scan can be done on any part of body or head. It gives clear pictures of bones. Also, it gives clear images of soft tissues that an ordinary X-ray test can’t, such as large blood vessels, organs, muscles, the brain & nerves. Most commonly CT scan is performed on the brain – to decide the cause of stroke, or to assess serious head injuries.

CT scan also used to detect body abnormalities, such as abscesses, tumors, abnormal blood vessels, etc, in order to give a surgeon a clear image of an area of your body prior to certain types of surgery.

CT scan services are useful to obtain images of:

  • Soft tissues
  • Blood vessels
  • The pelvis
  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen
  • Bones

Often, CT Scan is the preferred way of diagnosing several cancers, like lung, liver & pancreatic cancers.

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