For many years, there has been a rapid push in health care mainly in pharmaceuticals. With the use of patient’s genetics to target their medicines & therapies, the medical industry of Aruna Diagnostic Centre in A S Rao Nagar has achieved better patient outcomes.
A better link between pathology and radiology increases radiology’s participation in molecular medicine, & a wide variety of medical research endeavors.

Radiological and Pathological services

Pathology is where radiology was with regards to digital imaging a decade ago. There are promising technology diagnostic services in Aruna Scan & Diagnostics. However, it hasn’t happened to the opinion where it’s extensively accepted & standardized. Radiology and pathology have identified the need for structured reporting – where individually actually have a standard for reporting few things. Additionally, pathology has just been at it extended.
Presumably, integrating radiology & pathology work flow can be problematic, as, the cultures are fundamentally diverse. Radiological services have everyday run-down of progressive imaging studies they carry out, so they are able to plan their schedules. However, pathology, never knows what may land on doorstep – few days can be empty, some can be overflowing.

According to the sources, radiologists are utilized to order tests & having them get back to them so they can make choice. Diagnostic services process with pathology runs in Aruna Scan & Diagnostics.
A digital pathology solution intended to enhance pathology work flow. This platform is largely used with breast cancer screening checkup diagnosis which enables pathologists to access pictures from variety of vendors’ products & enables simultaneous viewing histology & cytology images.

Aruna Scan and Diagnostics

New MRI Scan Technology

New MRI Scanning technology takes images of heart & shows them in seven different dimensions: one in time, three in space & three in velocity. Patient suffering from heart attack, have one hour can be critical.
Furthermore, during conventional MRI scans data is assembled by taking images one thin slice of tissue at a time — nearly like 3D print job —hearts high resolution videos in near real-time, enables doctors to detect blood flow & contraction of ventricles, & directly spotting injured or scarred tissue. The complete interior of the chest can be experiential from vantage point. Patients breathe freely when the scan is being performed, different during conventional MRI, which needs patients to hold extremely still so clear images can be taken.

Why Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics is a leading center to offer comprehensive range of diagnostic modalities, under single roof. Aruna diagnostics has become a pioneer in diagnostic medicare. Our dedication to quality & our philosophy always puts the patient first. Aruna Diagnostics is known for excellence & reliability.
Experts at Aruna diagnostics ensure easy access & convenience to patients. We delivered quality diagnostic services to number of patients since our inception.
We have Pathologists, Radiologists, Microbiologists & other doctors who are qualified & competent technologists, working full time.

Complete Radiological | Pathological services – Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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