Complete Pathology Services at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

Pathology is the overall study about diseases like their cause, origin and nature. This can be done by testing different organs, tissues, body fluids and others. These tests on several parts and fluids of the body help to detect the underlying cause and also to know about the nature and progression of the diseases. Pathology is a keystone for both diagnosis and treatment. The results from these pathological tests help the doctors in providing quick and accurate treatment. In pathological investigations normal structure, functioning and natural level of several compounds are compared with the abnormalities in the samples of an ill person. This comparison helps to analyze the several problems and illnesses like infections, allergies and others. The people who do these pathological investigations are called pathologists. When unhealthy people give their samples like urine, stools and other body fluids, those samples are tested and analysed by the pathologists and they list out if any abnormalities are found. This report provided by pathologists helps in treatments. Pathological services are very useful in early detection and treatment.

Complete Pathology Services

Pathology not only helps in detecting the diseases, but also helps in finding treatments, developing vaccines to eliminate several chronic and dangerous illnesses. Pathological investigations are very crucial in analyzing the condition of people and providing the accurate treatments. There are different specialities in pathology like clinical biochemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology, histopathology and immunology. These different specialities help to find out abnormalities in different samples like body fluids, tissues and others.

Clinical biochemistry- It is also referred as medical biochemistry or clinical chemistry. It mainly studies about the chemical analysis of the body fluids like urine, plasma, CSF and others. This helps in detection of several diseases and risk of illnesses.

Haematology- Haematology is a pathological speciality which mainly deals with the cause, diagnosis and treatment blood disorders like anemia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, leukemia, blood cancers and others. It is also concerned with the levels of hemoglobin, proteins, platelets and so on in the blood.

Serology- It is a study of serum and other body fluids for the identification of antibodies. This speciality of pathology helps in diagnosis and treatment of several health illnesses caused due to virus, bacteria and others.

Microbiology- This speciality deals with the study on microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites and others. The study of microbiology is further classified into antigen detection, molecular detection, rapid biochemical tests, direct microscopy and serology.

Histopathology- This  speciality of pathology deals with microscopic examination of tissues collected through biopsy and other procedures. This helps to study about the disease which led to abnormalities.

Immunology- This studies about our body’s immune system. This study helps in detecting abnormalities in body’s immune system as these abnormalities in immunity make us prone to many illnesses.

Pathological Services at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics

Aruna scan and diagnostics provides entire pathological investigations. These entire pathological investigations in Hyderabad at Aruna scan and diagnostics are offered by well experienced and professional pathologists. Extremely careful and detailed examination of samples is done by these highly qualified professionals at Aruna scan and diagnostics to avoid errors. Entire pathological investigations in Aruna Diagnostics are done using advanced latest technology lab equipments to provide quick, timely and accurate results. Aruna scan and diagnostics aims to provide accurate and timely results at very feasible costs by fully dedicated pathologists and other staff.

Complete Pathological Investigations at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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