Clinical Biochemistry

What are Clinical Bio Chemistry services

Analysis of body fluids like plasma or serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluids and ascitic fluids for diagnosis purpose is treated as clinical biochemistry. It is also referred as clinical chemistry, chemical pathology or medical bio chemistry. All bio chemical tests which are performed come under chemical pathology department. This analysis of body fluids helps in monitoring the disease and also helps in treatment. Chemical components of body fluids is analysed and through which the exact problems are easily detected. This analysis of chemical components helps to monitor functioning of several internal organs. By analysing the functioning of chemical components you can easily detect abnormalities in the organs like thyroid, heart, liver, kidney and others. Clinical bio chemistry plays a crucial role in determining the underlying causes of diseases and also helps to detect the risks of several diseases. To recognise other characteristics of disease patterns both bio chemistry and hematology tests are conducted together. These help to detect the abnormalities and also help in therapeutic drug monitoring.

Clinical Biochemistry

Why people need Clinical Bio Chemistry services

Clinical biochemistry or chemical pathology services are very important for diagnosing, monitoring, preventing and treating several dangerous and life threatening diseases like cancers along with different organ damages like heart, kidney, liver and others. The samples are collected from diseased people and are tested to know the underlying root causes of the symptoms and problems. Professionals after examining individuals, prescribe several tests based on the symptoms and other signs. By undergoing these chemical pathology services, people can understand their health condition and also the causes of their problems. The test reports help your doctors in providing accurate treatment and also assist you in quick recovery. These clinical biochemistry services also help you understand your risk of other diseases. By knowing about your risks you can take required precautionary steps to avoid several health disorders. Several health problems like diabetes, thyroid problems, infertility, heart attacks, fibrosis, meningitis and several others can be easily diagnosed with these clinical biochemistry services by testing your body fluids.

Clinical Bio Chemistry services at Aruna Scan & Diagnostics

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Clinical Bio Chemistry

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