MRI Scanning

In the recent medical technology has developed faster than anyone would have imagined. Just a few short decades ago, when a person is met with any head or spine injury, it would be difficult to diagnose what the problem was. However, now with the help of technology Spine Scan is made and problem is easily identified and diagnosed.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is a common process used by hospitals all over the globe. In this process, strong magnetic field and radio waves are used to create detailed images of organs & tissues present inside the body. Since its inception, researchers and doctors have refined techniques to use MRI Scan Services to aid in medical procedures & also help in research.

Facts about MRI Scan

  • MRI scans are painless and non-invasive procedure
  • The first MRI full body scanner is created by Raymond Damadian,
  • MRI scanner costs at $150,000
  • Japan has most MRI scanners, with 46.5 for each one million citizens.

What is an MRI scan?

MRI scan uses radio waves, large magnet, and a computer to make a thorough cross-sectional image of patient’s internal structures and organs. The scanner itself naturally looks like a large tube with table in the middle, permitting the patient to slide into tunnel. MRI Scan differs from X-rays and CT scans as it does not use ionizing radiation that may be potentially harmful for the patient.

MRI Scanning

How does an MRI scan work?

An MRI scanner contains two powerful magnets; these are the most important parts of the equipment. Human body is made of water molecules, which are comprised of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. At center of each atom lies, there exists even smaller particle known as proton, that serves as magnet & is sensitive to magnetic field. Usually, water molecules in bodies are arranged randomly, but upon entering MRI Scanner, the first magnet causes body’s water molecules to line up in one direction, either south or north.

Another magnetic field is then turned off or on in a series of quick pulses, causing every hydrogen atom to change its alignment & then quickly switch back to original relaxed state when it is switched off. Magnetic field is prepared by passing electricity via gradient coils that also cause coils to vibrate, resulting in knocking sound within the scanner.

What does an MRI scan involve?

By using MRI scanner, it is likely to make images of almost all body tissues. The tissue with least hydrogen atoms turns out dark, whereas the tissue that has several hydrogen atoms looks brighter. MRI scan or brain scan & spinal cord can do to look at multitude of various abnormalities, as it provides clear pictures of the structures though they are bounded by bone tissues.

Brain MRI can be done to seek the reforms related with bleeding or when brain has been starved of oxygen after stroke. MRI Scan can be used to examine traumatic brain injury, and helps in diagnosing abnormalities. MRI Scan can be used to characterize tumors & check progression. Within heart, MRI scan gives detailed imaging of thickness & size of chamber walls.

For assessing joint problems, MRI is the imaging modality choice. As, joints are made up of numerous different tissues, for instance bone, muscle & ligaments, & MRI is effective at giving clear images of tissues.

What is an MRI scan used for?

MRI scan symbolizes huge milestone for medical world, as scientists, doctors and researchers are now able to study the inside of the human body precisely using this non-invasive tool.

The following are few examples where MRI Scanner is used:

  • Cysts, tumors & other abnormalities in several body parts
  • Brain and spinal cord abnormalities
  • Uterine abnormalities in women experiencing assessment for infertility
  • Abnormalities or injuries of the joints, such as back pain
  • Few heart problems
  • Causes of pelvic pain in women
  • Liver diseases & other abdominal organs

If you are also experiencing any of the above problems, approach one of the Advanced level MRI Scan in Hyderabad.

What are the MRI Scan Benefits?

MRI scans are a significant tool that doctors make use to investigate the cause of symptoms. They helps in confirm the disease or injury.

MRI scans:

  • Detailed diagnostic pictures of the important organs & tissues are provided
  • Shows unique information that other tests won’t
  • Painless
  • No radiation and therefore suitable for children & pregnant women.
Advanced level MRI Scan in Hyderabad

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